How to Use YouTube Live Stream

How to Use YouTube Live Stream

Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangouts will help you conduct a YouTube Live broadcast. If you don’t know which of the 3 social networks to set up a live stream on, check out these tips:

  • Determine the most profitable traffic source for your business using Google Analytics. See which social network you have a lot of visitors coming to your site from. Most likely, there is your main audience that will watch the broadcast.
  • Study your competitors. Find out where they launch live broadcasts, how many viewers watch them, what they talk about. If competitors don’t promote live videos, analyze how the audience behaves on their pages and where it is most active.
  • Launch a broadcast in several social networks at the same time to attract more viewers. 

Verify your Channel

  1. If your channel is in the media network.

In this case, only your media network can verify the channel. Due to the new rules, zero channels are not verified. Some media networks do not help with channel verification in any way.

Requirements for getting a tick:

  • Fully authored channel
  • You must be a famous person or represent a brand
  • Your channel must be fully designed (icon, header, video icons, designed main page, description on the page about the channel)
  • Your channel must have activity, views, and subscribers 

Keep in mind that YouTube may refuse to verify your channel, even if the channel meets all the requirements.

  1. If your channel is not in the YouTube network, on AdSense.

In this case you need to do the following:

  • Get 100,000 subscribers on the channel;
  • The channel must be completely copyrighted;
  • Write in support of YouTube with a request of verification channel;
  • Wait for a response from support and follow the instructions sent. 

Don’t overemphasize the check mark on YouTube. It is better to spend more time and effort creating high-quality content and channel development.

A common misconception: a check mark on the channel does not protect you from re-uploading your content. The check mark is not associated with the Content ID system.

Choosing Recording Option and Start Recording

There is no universal recipe for creating an effective video – it all depends on the needs of the target audience and your capabilities. You can use Webcam, Mobile cam or Encoder streaming.

Technical preparation for the broadcast is no less important than its informative content. It is unlikely that the audience will want to watch how the game they are interested in works in low resolution at 15 frames per second. 

For broadcasts from a PC, you need a good processor and a powerful video card (I’m not even talking about the high bandwidth of the Internet channel). 

So back to the beginning of our text: if you are going to stream new products, you can not do without a serious update of your computer components, first, to run the game itself with a beautiful picture, and secondly, to pull an additional load due to the broadcast.

Therefore, calculate your capabilities approximately as follows: the recommended system requirements of the game itself plus about 10% of the iron power for stable operation of the broadcast. Most likely, the best option for streaming new products will be streaming from game consoles.

Popular methods for streaming on YouTube are easy and simple:

  • Software for IOS and Android mobile devices. We are talking about special programs that can be found in the PlayMarket, as well as on the AppStore. These are special clients that can send images from your phone screen to YouTube. In fact, they perform the OBS function on the computer, but are much easier to configure. For example, the popular app is Live on YouTube, Mobizen Live Stream, Live Video Stream, and so on.
  • Special application for desktop. Now gamers can create online broadcasts from their phone to a special YouTube Gaming service. This requires the appropriate client or third-party application. 

Important Things Before You Start

Never forget about several features that will make your channel successful and unique. They are the following:

  • Pick relevant keywords for a niche
  • Title and Description – it’s all about how to create a title and description for a broadcast, using keywords and hashtags
  • Thumbnail image – selecting and configuring image previews
  • Calls to action – a competent call for users to take action on the stream
  • Configure scripts and hotkeys for broadcasting. 

Check Your Setup

Before you go live, you need to make stream settings. These are just a few steps, but they are extremely important for a successful channel:

  1. Take care of the background and light;
  2. Check your camera, microphone, headphones, etc.;
  3. Check the quality of your Internet connection;
  4. Check audio and video quality, other devices;
  5. Disable all extraneous and distracting notifications. 

Promote Your Stream

Promotion of YouTube streams plays an important role in the process of popularizing the channel and recruiting a new audience. After all, live broadcasts are a great way to connect with viewers and increase the number of subscribers. Therefore, with the advent of new platforms for recording live videos, streams are gaining popularity not only among bloggers, but also among brands.

Often streamers do not devote enough time to this stage, as a result, they get a small coverage and all their efforts are reduced to zero. This requires a different tactic. It is necessary to take a course for promotion before going online. Tell your followers your plans, schedule, etc. 

The easiest way is to use a special service. Also you can try to buy YouTube views. It is a smart solution to multiply your income and I highly recommend this service.

On YouTube

Get the audience interested, offer something that might be of interest to the audience and find the best time to stream. This can be a free e-book version, master class or other kind of lead magnet.

Partnering with a blogger, company, or brand that already has an established audience is a great way to quickly build your audience. A collaboration should be created with a partner close to the subject in order to provoke the interest of subscribers and promote the stream on YouTube.

On Other Platforms

The success of the broadcast depends not only on the quality of the content, but also on the choice of promotion methods. Thanks to a suitable promotion strategy, you can not only promote the stream on YouTube, attract more audience and increase the number of your subscribers, but also achieve your marketing goals.

Engage with the audience

Publish the broadcast not only on your YouTube channel, but also on social networks. This will allow you to continue discussing the video among subscribers, while maintaining interest in the past live broadcast. Interact with your followers, like comments, and share their posts about the live event.

Go beyond a simple stream video. Use the Suggestions section to create a survey for viewers of the video. Build two-way communication by answering viewers‘ questions in real time. This will help to keep the interest of the audience throughout the whole stream.

You can use several options:

  • Online live chat;
  • Questions and answers via e-mail;
  • Short videos with answers on most popular questions that your audience sent to you before stream;
  • Questionnaire in social media. 

Double Down on What Works

If you have your own YouTube channel, then you probably used YouTube Analytics to analyze user interactions with videos on the channel.

To install the Google Analytics code on a YouTube channel, you need to create it the same way as for a website: on the Google Analytics admin page, create a new resource and specify the address of the main page of the channel. You also need to set standard settings like industry, time zone, and so on at the resource and view level.