How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

Working With LinkedIn

LinkedIn has completely revolutionized the recruitment industry since its introduction in 2003. As you read this article, thousands of recruiters are searching on LinkedIn for candidates to fill vacancies. 

These can be both employees within the company and agencies, but they all actively use this network.

Ranking signals of the LinkedIn

Ranking signals of the LinkedIn

LinkedIn constantly updates and optimizes its ranking algorithms, so there may be differences in ranking when searching for typical keywords.

Here are tips for improving your profile ranking in LinkedIn search results:

  • Fill out your profile. This will allow people to find you by your current and previous positions, educational institutions where you studied, areas that you studied, and so on. Completed profile will not only help you appear more often in search results, but will also increase the degree of your compliance in the system.
  • Add skills. Skills are among the most common requests made by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Establish contact with all the people with whom you have established professional relationships. The more contacts you have in your network, the more likely you are to be among the contacts of the person performing the search. A closer contact level, such as 2nd versus 3rd, improves the ranking of your profile when searching.
  • Use standard job titles. Some people like to include funny job titles in their profile, such as “chief cleaner” or “head of the query understanding department”. Such names can favorably emphasize your personality. However, they do not contribute to the frequent appearance of your profile in search results. Standard job titles may look boring, but they are what other LinkedIn members are looking for. Learn more about editing your profile.

Interest relevance

You can set an average daily budget for your job ad. 

In this case, the fee will be charged only for the number of views of the vacancy. In addition, you can set a total budget by specifying the maximum amount you are willing to spend.

As soon as the total budget is exhausted, your job ad will stop running. You can increase the size of the budget or to close the position.

Engagement probability

To increase the number of LinkedIn profile contacts, the very first thing you should do is establish contacts with people from the business areas that you are interested in. 

Looking for the right person with whom you want to communicate can take a long time, instead try to increase their network of contacts. Even if you find a person who once worked for the company you are interested in-contact them, in the future it will definitely bring results. 

Remember the idea of six handshakes — each person is familiar with the other through a maximum of six levels of mutual acquaintances.

Personal connections

Help others. The best way to make contact is to help someone without expecting or demanding anything in return. This is nice, teaches you generosity, and helps you understand what your interlocutor values.

This approach will also allow you to ask for help in the future. You don’t have to offer help at every opportunity. Just make it clear that you are always ready to come to the rescue, especially for those who are at the very beginning of their career path.

Best LinkedIn Practices

Remind your friends of your existence, ideally – at least 3 times a week. What can you do for this? Update the status using the following methods:

  • ask questions and write your suggestions;
  • publish native video;
  • share articles or cases from your website;
  • use “catchy” images and topics;
  • mark people and companies in your posts using @ – sign and hashtags.

Very important point! The ideal number of characters for a status on LinkedIn — 50-100, all other symbols will be hidden under the button “… see more ” (which is very, very rarely clicked).

Stay Relevant

Relevant content causes interested parties to stay longer in your profile. The “Work Experience” block is very important — people most often view it. 

Try to fill this block with important information as much as possible — describe not only where and by whom you worked, but also what your duties were and what results you achieved.

Attach media files, if any, use your niche at maximum level. Imagine that this is your personal presentation, make sure that it looks attractive.

Engage With The Audience

LinkedIn automatically selects people who might be familiar or potentially interesting to you. The business network algorithm creates offers based on your previous contacts, comments, locations, companies you worked for, and your search data. 

So, if you live in London, but want to expand your Dating network in Spain, don’t add your colleagues and acquaintances at the beginning, establish a connection with someone from Barcelona-this will bring much better results.

Use Right Schedule Time

linkedin best time to post

The best time to publish trend posts on LinkedIn can be based on the specifics of this social network. LinkedIn is a social network for business communication, which means that it is better to post in your profile on weekdays. 

According to research by Foundation Inc, the best time to post in LinkedIn on your page is from Tuesday to Thursday from 8.00 to 14.00, and on Friday from 8.00 to 12.00.

Weekends and nights do not have a large coverage, so it is not advisable to make posts at this time.

Try to Promote Your Post

LinkedIn is a social network with the largest audience of active and authoritative experts in the world. This is why advertising on this network can be very effective for B2B companies.

The choice of targeting factors is quite wide and includes geographical, demographic, and professional criteria. In addition, you can filter your target audience by the skills that users specify in their LinkedIn profiles.

When promoting on Linkedin, there are such options for ads:

  1. Sponsored content on LinkedIn
  2. Text ad and analytics
  3. Sponsored InMail messages
  4. AdWords banner ads on LinkedIn

Examples of using ads on LinkedIn:

  • professional development courses and training centers often use this network to find the target audience,
  • advertising software for accounting automation, which will be shown to all managers of large accounting and audit firms – is a great way to get new clients.

LinkedIn Analytics – Your Best Friend

A properly organized advertising campaign on LinkedIn will help you find customers who are willing to buy and invest. Promotion in LinkedIn is part of the social tools content marketing component of promotion and refers to promotion in social media. 


You can do almost anything in LinkedIn. You can promote your own projects and sell them. You can make customer cases in this network. LinkedIn is one of our most underrated social networks in terms of business benefits. And simply irreplaceable for certain tasks.