Copywriting Tools

Copywriting is a big part of marketing. Writing texts that reach the aim is the work of copywriters. Many specialists prefer to be freelancers instead of working as full-time workers for one company. It is crucial to use the right tools in your work to create the best content for your clients.

Here we recommend some useful copywriting tools that will help you in your work. 


Finding perfect synonyms is common in copywriting. With the online version of Thesaurus, it became really easy to write outstanding (notable, exceptional, great, impressive etc) copies. It is free of charge service. 

Google Analytics

With this tool, you can investigate age, gender and location of your audience and their interests. Based on this data you can develop the tone of your messages. Obviously, your texts for teenagers will be different from the ones aimed for their parents. There are many functions you can use in Google analytics for marketing and copywriting purposes.


This tool allows you to search for existing copies of web pages. In simple terms, you can check plagiarism there. It is necessary to produce unique copies with more than 90% unicity for SEO texts. 

Hemingway Editor

A simple and extremely useful tool to make your copies more readable and attractive to the readers. This editor highlights errors you need to change to improve your writings. 


Text without images looks empty and unfinished. Use this website to find the best pictures for the copies you are submitting. It is free and you do not have to worry about copyrights. 


Make your copies more fun to everyone. Find rhyme to any word and give your content new colours. 


This tool will help you to make your texts more Google-friendly. It is simple in use and presents the results in easy to understand graphic ways. 


Just a must-have for anyone who writes texts and copies. You can enable Grammarly for Google docs or use it after. It helps you to notice mistakes and errors made in the writing. Free access to basic features is often enough to improve your texts.

Google Drive

Upload your files on Google Drive and share them with your clients. The great thing is that you can give rights to view, comment or edit your texts. 

You can start with these simple tools to help yourself with copywriting and editing. Most of them are free and easy to use.