Instagram Bio – How to Work With It

How to Create the Great Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is one of the marketing tools, yet not the most obvious one. Most business owners omit it or do not pay enough attention to this block, simply losing customers. However, if the bio is filled correctly it does make difference between a good business account and just-an-account. When you start working with Instagram follow the golden rule – there’s no useless fields, Instagram was created and carved for business, so explore every single like to get the best result. So, let’s get started.

Use Keywords

Content is the king, but no matter how good your content is it does not work. In other words, you can create gorgeous posts and spend a lot of time and money on pictures, design and texts. But it will be just a waste of time if people do not see you and do not interact with it.

There are a lot of ways to make the audience notice you fast, but they all cost a lot. But there’s also one efficient way to get you organic traffic. And this way is keywords implementing into your bio. Use them in the description, in the account name, wherever you can. This the search engines will know what your profile is about and will help people find you.

Profile Photo Tips

It might seem funny but Instagram algorithms update so often that the information in this section can be out-of-date and back again up-to-date in one month. That is why it is always better to use some common tips, working for any platform and focused on the psychology. One of them is to use not just the brand name as a profile picture, but a real human image. Statistically people trust and pay more attention to the images with faces than to the mere brand names.

Instagram Bio

Username and Profile Name

Username and profile name also matter. We already mentioned it in the section about the keywords and here we will dip into it a bit more. Your username and Profile name should contain keywords. Good if you can implement them organically. If not, try at least keep your profile name short and catchy so it will be easy to remember. However, it is advised to keep them but not identical, but connected. For example, if you own a travel agency, both your username and Profile Name should be connected to travelling somehow.

Instagram Bio

Add Description

Description is basically the main area where you should place information about yourself, your brand, whatever. So keep in mind that it has some limitations in characters, so think carefully on what will be included. Remember to put keywords here to help search engines to find you and place higher into the SERP.

In the description it is important to place key answers to the questions who you are, what you do and why the customer should use your product or service.

Instagram Bio

Try Story Highlights

Story Highlights is not a new feature, but for some reason it is ignored by many business owners and even bloggers. The main reason is that people simply do not know how to add a story there or think that it will disappear. But it does not work like that, and it is a good news. Highlighted stories stay where you placed them and can be used as a navigation tool into the account.

To add a story to the highlighted:

  • Tap a plus sign under your picture and choose a story
  • After selecting a cover and tap “Next”
  • Done! 🙂

Instagram Bio

Test CTA buttons

CTA or Call To Action buttons are a marketing tool much more powerful than it seems. They are not just make it easier for the users to get in touch with you or use your services, but they directly motivate the visitors. Strange but true – most people act more willingly if they see a direct call to action. It has something in common with the Alice in Wonderland. If it is written “Eat me”, it should be eaten. The same works with CTA buttons, calling to make a call or do any other action. Again we are dealing with psychology.

There are different types of CTA buttons which can be added to your business profile, so the customers can interact with the business right from your account. You can customize them according to your business’ needs and the tasks you set while starting your Instagram account.

Use Contact Details

Contact details are the section you must fill. Not have to, not should but must. Make sure it contains a valid phone number and links if any. According to the statistics up to 10% business accounts do not have this section or it is filled with minimum data or contains invalid contacts. So check everything one more time and do not forget to make an update if there’s any changes.

As far Instagram is a platform, focused on smartphones, it is better to add links to the messengers to get in touch, not on the website, even if there’s a mobile version available.