YouTube Cards

How to Add YouTube Cards to Videos

A YouTube card is a variation of the end screen, or a screen with a few windows that appears in the last 5-20 seconds of the video with a proposal to watch other videos (playlists) on your channel, subscribe to the channel or go to the website. In other words, it’s a call to action.

Previously, users could make using such video and photo editors Photoshop, etc., but now you can add these elements (windows with the recommended videos, teasers, the button for subscribing to the channel and the clickable link to the website) directly in YouTube using the cards instead of annotations.

Unlike annotations, the cards are shown in YouTube mobile applications. You can add it no earlier than 20 seconds before the end of the video. There can be a maximum of 4 elements. For example, it can be 2 recommended videos or playlists, subscribing to a channel and a link to your website (a blog, a subscription page, etc.). The main thing is that this website must be relevant to your YouTube channel.

How to Add Cards

To create and add a card, go to the Manager Video and click on Edit on the video where you want to adjust the elements. Here you can see the button “Cards” where you can change or remove components, if necessary. In the settings menu, you will see the video itself, as well as a time scale where you can determine the time for each element by moving the cursor.

YouTube offers the following elements: Video or Playlist, Channel, Donation, Poll, and Link.

YouTube Cards

Under the video, there is a time track. Click on Add Card and select the appropriate option. If you select Video or Playlist, you can add the latest video or automatic selection from YouTube.

You can choose one video and the entire playlist. It is allowed to leave a link to someone else’s video if you decide to advertise it. “Channel” option is needed for advertising or promotion of another channel. In the first line, you need to enter the channel URL or its name, and in the second line, a call to action is written down. Donation features a non-profit of your choice. Poll encourages viewers to take part in a poll.

YouTube Cards

The editor resembles a tool for adding interactive tips. “View” option allows you to select the location of the card in the video and place interactive elements. There is also an option Show Ad Overlays for the users who have monetization turned on and show ads in the video. It shows the locations of advertising elements not to overlap the card. Use Template setting allows you to select a ready-made layout for placing elements. With Import from Video, you can import a card from the videos to which it has already been added. Link allows you to direct the user to an external site. You can specify the address of the fundraising project, URL for the product in the online store or personal portal.

Best Practices

Why do you need YouTube cards and how to make them more attractive and useful?

Promote New Videos

If a person has already subscribed to your YouTube channel, in most cases he will be notified when you upload a new video. This makes YouTube the best platform to engage the viewer in a series of related episodes where you need to watch each part. Use YouTube’s card to encourage viewers to watch a new video or a playlist with other videos. It will help you to promote your channel and get more views on all videos.

Promote Your Channel

You can promote your channel by encouraging your audience to push Subscribe button. Add a special offer, for example, if a user subscribes to your channel he’ll get a 15% discount. You can also use polls in the video to engage viewers. It will allow you to determine the theme of the next video, and understand what is really interesting to the audience. Some popular channels that are actively developing their presence on YouTube use Donation to donate to one of the non-profit organizations. It improves viewers’ loyalty and trust.

Promote Video With Most Potential

Add a promo video that will attract your YouTube audience and add your channel’s topics. Use YouTube analytics to find such a video on your channel.

Use Exciting Texts

Consider the texts for your cards carefully as it improves CTR. Your message should be simple and clear for all viewers. Make a teaser short and attractive. It may be a special offer, a useful how-to or a call to action. The more viewers click on your card, the better results you get.

Show Cards When Viewers Drop Off

According to statistics, well designed YouTube cards bring more clicks than any other instruments. To be useful, a call to action must have a clear, convincing look and organically fit into the video. Analyze your video statistics and the periods when viewers drop off. Formulate and keep in mind the purpose of CTA to retain your audience. Consider what is relevant to your viewers: channel subscription, visiting your website or purchase. If you make the call natural, then clicking on the card will become a logical step for the viewer following the video.

Track Card Statistics

To view the statistics, go to the YouTube Analytics and then Traffic Sources. To open the links of videos, click on the button with this element, move the cursor over the name of the video and you will see a preview of the video and the number of views and clicks that stemmed from a link to a related video. The Cards report provides information on CTS for cards and measures its performance. The user activity report collects statistics for all of a particular video’s cards.

A YouTube card is an effective tool for promotion. If you don’t add them, YouTube will show the recommended content to viewers, and therefore it is likely that people will leave your channel. YouTube cards increase audience retention and improve the overall statistics.